Beautiful People ~ June

Hello, friends!

So… I do realize that I basically just disappeared off the face of the blogging world for almost an entire month without leaving any trace… For that, I must apologize. And, no, dear friend, I did not stumble into the void and die. Though, I must admit that it felt like I was going to when I got my wisdom teeth removed. That was the first and the only good reason that I had to disappear. But, I have been over that for about three weeks now. And, I don’t really have a great or any excuse for for my absence after that… It just sort of happened. I had absolutely no inspiration or motivation to tackle any blogging, writing, emailing, etc. etc. etc. Basically, anything that had to do with my computer was just not happening. #pathetic BUT I AM BACK!!!

And I am back with Beautiful People!

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A monthly link-up for writers, hosted by the lovely Cait and Sky, in which all the writers get to rant about their characters on their blogs!


Today, I am doing BP on Lady Brynelle (Brynn) from Unfound Strength. I don’t know that I have talked about her much. She grew up the island country of Kyran, but since her mother, the king of Draja’s sister, died when she was seventeen, she has lived with her uncle in the capital city of Draja, where Auden, my MC, lives.

What’s their favourite place they’ve ever visited?

Brynn’s favorite place in the whole world of Ayblon is the place that was her parent’s favorite spot. It is a little known beach far to the east of the island of Kyran. Translated to the common tongue, it is known as the Skybound Shore. There, the water rolls with the colors of a sunset throughout the day and reflects the stars like millions of tiny diamonds during the night. Amongst all the beautiful places that Brynn has been able to visit in her lifetime, Skybound Shore is by far the most enchanting.

What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?

When Brynn was thirteen, she began noticing two of her friends getting into a dangerous quarrel amongst themselves. She wanted to do something about it, but she was afraid that her friends would think that she was taking sides or that she couldn’t keep out of other people’s business. So, she decided not to doing nothing about it and just ignore them. It ended up getting so bad that one of them was killed a few days later, and she ended up losing both of her friends. She learned that day that when you see something wrong, it is better to take a stand and be misunderstood than keep quiet and carry guilt. It is something that she tries to live by.

What was their favourite subject in school? Or favourite thing to learn about?

Schools in Kyran are very intense. Being the guardians of the world, knowledge and wisdom along with experience and action are very valued in their culture and taught very thoroughly. The basics of knowledge, such as languages, cultures, geography, history, etc., are taught up through the age of 11. Once a child enters their 12th year, they get to make the choice of what they will continue to study in order to prepare them for the path they would like to pursue in their life. Brynn chose to go forward in studying and preparing for a diplomatic life, inspired by her mother’s heritage in Draja. She loved learning languages and cultures, but she also enjoyed learning about dragons, since her father was one of the few Dragon-whispers.

What’s their favourite flower/growing thing?

Brynn loves roses, especially white roses. When she was a little girl, her mother would grow them and tell her that they were a reminder that, no matter how cruel and dangerous the thorns of the world grew to be, beautify and purity and kindness could always be found in the midst of it all, holding the world together.

Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?

Brynn is a very kind and gentle person by nature, but she has had her share of disappointing and hurting people. When she was about 9 years, she was in the elite combat class staff sparring with another girl, who was two years old. Brynn ended up getting the better of the girl, who thought Brynn was weak, and hitting her so hard in the leg with her staff that it broke the girl’s leg. Naturally, the girl cried and never spoke to Brynn again, which hurt her feelings for a long time.

Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Well, she isn’t my narrator. But if she was, I would consider her to be a fairly reliable one. She is a very constant sort of person, who knows who she is, so doesn’t normally do anything that she hasn’t given considerable thought to.

What do they dream about at night?

Most of the time, she dreams about her home in Kyran and her family and her friends. Or on occasion, she will dream about her uncle finding out what she is really doing in Draja and torturing her into giving up all the information of her people. She often ends up waking up with red eyes and a wet pillow.

They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?

If she were to have a “special meal”, she wouldn’t go anywhere. She lives in a palace, so the food is already the best. A “special meal” would be the kitchen staff making a Kyr dish from her home country.

What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?

See her father again. She often gets letters from him through her black, palm-sized Ivory Drake, Ivres. It has been too long since she has seen her father. She would also like to travel through the Shadowlands and see all the ancient ruins and dragons and Ash Whisps, spirits of the ash trees, and all of the other mysteries of the Shadowlands that she grew up hearing tales of.

Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

As on of the Kyran people, she is extremely more talented and skilled than that of the common person, so most things that would seem to be talents to the rest of the world are normal to her people. However, amongst her people, she was considered to be very talented in Diplomacy and Languages, speaking all seven of the common languages of the world very fluently.

Yep, so there you have it. I am officially back, though my posts may only be once a week or so for now, and I do plan on trying to catch up on everything, but it may take me a bit of time, so bear with me, friends. Anyway, what do you think of Brynn? Do you think you would like her? What intrigued you most about her?

Hope you all have a blessed day!!



I Won Camp NaNo!!

Hey, friends!!

So, guess what?!?

I WON CAMP NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *audience gasps and applauds *

(Yeah, yeah, I know you already knew that from the title. But, just act surprised, okay?)


This is actually the first NaNo that I have ever won! Then, again, I have only ever done two NaNos in my life. I did the junior version when I was like 13 years old. Then, last November, I tried the regular NaNo, and only made it to a little less than half-way… As some of you will remember, I admitted after that experience that I would never do another NaNo again for a very long time.

Yeah, my resolve didn’t last very long. Sometime in about mid-March I began to hear all this hype about Camp NaNo, and though I liked the idea, I wasn’t seriously considering it. Then, my dear friend, Kenzie, decided to invited me to join a cabin with her and some other blogger friends. In that moment, I decided that I would give it a go. I went onto the website that day and set my whole page up. I had an absolutely wonderful experience! I could go on and on about it, but in the name of being a good friend and not wishing to bore you to death, I shall just give you a little recap of my first ever Camp NaNo.

Camp NaNo Recap

Original Goal: 30,000 words. 

Revised Goal: 25,000 words. About halfway through the month, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to write that much, but I still wanted a decent challenge for myself. So, I decided to only take it down 5,000, and just see what would happen. Truth be told, if they hadn’t cut of the goal editing on April 20th, I likely would have brought it down even more…

Result: 25,070 words. Ta-da! Cut it by 70 words!

Project(s): So, it is time for a little confession… Dun, dun, dun… I worked on two projects. *audience gasps collectively in horror* I know, I know! But to quote one of my dear friends, Kate, I am one of the “Divergent Writers”. I actually began with only one, Unfound Strength. That was to be my writing project. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my muse, whom I shall introduce you to in a short while, had a different plan in mind.

About halfway through the month, my dear muse decided to give me one of those sudden inspiration moments where a scene just unfolds vividly in your imagination and you just can’t help but write it down. Most of the time those come for new story ideas, but this one was for an old story that I am sure some of you remember, The Concealment. After that scene unfolded in my head (which completely changed one of the key points in the story by the way), I found myself lost in that story again.

And, since I did not want to give up on Unfound Strength, because I absolute adore it still, I decided to write both, switching back and forth between days.

Cabin: Oh my gosh!!! I literally had the best cabin ever!!!!!!!!! I got to learn more about the friends that I already new, and I got to make new friends! We had so much fun together!!! I think that was probably the best thing about Camp NaNo!! And, for that, I would like to thank my fellow Assassins of the Night, Kenzie, Kate, Jethan, and monkeyeverything, for all being the best cabin mates ever – for encouraging me when I was feeling low, for making me laugh out loud to brighten my day, for cheering me on to achieve my goal, for offering me advice when I needed it, and for just putting up with a quirky cookie like myself.

Five Fun Facts:

  • I discovered my muse, who I promised to introduce you all to. His name is Ash. He is about five or six years old with curly, dark hair that covers his ears and bright, wide brown eyes. He has a very passionate and very temperamental personality. If you try to make him do something that he doesn’t want to, he will throw a fit and refuse to cooperate. But if you let him go free and do what he loves, he is the most sweet and inspiring little thing and will weave the most beautiful stories that you could imagine.
  • I found out that if I am typing at my regular speed, I can type 1,000 words an hour! (I’m not sure why, but this was mind-blowing when I first realized it)
  • I figured out that my favorite and best writing time is around 11:00 pm – 1:00 am. That is the time when my house is the quietest, since everyone is either asleep or going to bed and nobody can interrupt every five seconds while I am trying to write. And I also have found that it is the time that my mind is most imaginative. I attribute that to the fact that as long as I can remember, I have always laid in my bed and created beautiful stories for myself before I would fall asleep. I still do that today, and that is where a lot of my story ideas come from.
  • I discovered that watercolor painting can help me to think and plot my stories. I have never particularly liked painting, but this last month, I decided to give watercolor a chance. And, I discovered that I actually really enjoy it. It is relaxing and allows my mind to wander and dream up knew scenes and concepts in my mind.
  • I became obsessed with cookies. Not real cookies, mind you. I am only a moderate fan of real cookies. No, I am talking about the word cookies. It all started when my lovely cabin mates and I had a lovely conversation about cookies. I don’t exactly remember how, but somehow, we got into this intensely long conversation about cookies, including giant opera singing cookies #brilliant. Ever since then, I have found myself saying and typing a lot more about cookies, being a cookie, eating cookies, throwing cookies. Like, I don’t even know. *shrugs and offers you a cookie*

So, there you are, a brief recap of the wonderful experience that I had with Camp NaNo. Who else did Camp NaNo? Did you enjoy it? Did you meet your goal? Do you have any fun facts to share?? Do you want a cookie?



Deliver Blog Tour!!

Hey Friends,

So, I have an exciting post today!! (Or at least one that I am excited about!) One of my favorite authors, Tricia Mingerink, just published the fourth and last book of her series, The Blades of Acktar, two days ago!! *squeals with excitement* I absolutely adore Tricia’s other books and am loving this new one even more (if that is even possible)!! Anyone who hasn’t read these books needs to straight away! No excuses!!

South Dakota

Anyhow, since The Blades of Acktar are literally the best ever and are forever on the top of my favorites list, I signed up to be part of the blog tour!! To be completely honest, I had no idea what a book launch or blog tour was, I just sort of signed up, because you know I wanted to be part of anything that had to do with this new book. It has actually been super cool!! My favorite thing was that I got to be able to read the mobile version of Deliver for free like a week before the release date!!!! *screams and flails around hysterically*

Anyhow, before I get lost in my hysteria and rant and spoil everything, I would like to present the fourth and last book of The Blades of Acktar series –

(Isn’t it lovely!?!? Now that I am reading the book, I absolutely adore the cover!! It makes so much sense!)


Can something broken ever heal?

Martyn is broken. After torturing his best friend, he doesn’t belong anywhere in Acktar. No matter how far he runs, he can’t lose his guilt.

Leith is broken. While healing from the torture he received at Nalgar Castle, he struggles to find his new role. But can a Blade ever outrun his past?

The country is broken. Bitterness divides town against town, neighbor against neighbor. What will it take to deliver Acktar from itself?

They face their hardest battle yet.


About the Author

Tricia Mingerink


Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog.



Also, there will be a Facebook party tomorrow, April 28th, for anyone who wants to come and party over this books release!!


Please tell me that after all that, my heart is not the only one dying from pure adoration and excitement!!! *deep breathes, deep breathes* Please, please, please go check out Tricia’s books!! They are the best!! I promise that you won’t regret it!!! 

Awarded Again and Again!!

Friends, I got awarded three time!!! Not really shocking, because I am obviously so incredibly worthy of all the awards that there ever were!! Am I right? Yes, I am.

(Shh, don’t ruin it for me and say that this is more of a tag than an award!! I mean, technically it is, but that is completely besides the point!)

So, first I got tagged awarded by Hope for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which was my last post. Then I got nominated by the most incredible Kenzie for the same award!! (Told you that I was special) And then I got nominated by the lovely Kate for a new and slightly disturbing award called The Evil Writer’s Award! So Yay!!!

I am going to do both Kenzie and Kate’s in this post. So buckle up, everybody, and prepare yourself for a super long post and many more incredibly useless facts about yours truly!!

The (Second) Sunshine Blogger Award




• Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog

• Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you

• Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer

• List the rules and display the award


If you could have one day (24 hours, exactly) to be any fictional character you wanted, which would you pick and WHY?

Ummmm… I actually wouldn’t want to be like any of the fictional characters that I read about, because almost all of their lives completely suck…

I suppose that I might choose Renna from the Blades of Acktar series by Tricia Mingerink or Kyrn from The Ilyon Chronicles, because those are my favorite stories!! But, then again, their lives sucked too, so….

Ooooh, or I would be pretty much any student in Harry Potter, because then I could go to Hogwarts and meet everybody (esp. Luna Lovegood, Snape, Hermione, Ron, Fred and George, Draco, etc.) Yay, that idea makes me very happy!! It would be sad to only be there for 24 hours though…

Would you rather be a mime for 24 hours, or speak in nothing but haikus for 42 hours? (answers must reflect what you pick [i.e. ‘I would choose Haiku, because it is easier, than never speaking…’ {GIF’s are allowed and also ENCOURAGED}])

Oh, mime all the way!! I would be pretty cool with not taking for a day. I don’t think that I could last longer than that, but I could so do a day without talking.

Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

I must confess that I am not a big fan of chocolate… Unless it is white chocolate. Then, I am sold, man! But how to choose between vanilla and strawberry??? Alright, I’ll go with vanilla, because, let’s be honest, vanilla is simple but absolutely delicious!!!

Would you rather be a dragon or a phoenix?

Man, difficult questions here. I mean, dragons are obviously the most incredibly incredible creatures ever, but phoenix (especially Dumbledore’s) are so amazing. I mean a bird that goes up in flames to die and then rebirths from the ashes and that has healing tears.

Ahhhh!!! I am so sorry dragons! I love you so much, dragons! But I have to go with being a phoenix, because they are just too cool!!

Ursula gives you an ultimatum: (A) become a mermaid forever (complete with the tail), but be unable to breathe underwater, or (B) stay a human forever and no longer be able to breathe air, but breathe underwater instead. Which do you pick?

Neither?????? No, that doesn’t work? Fine, but seriously that would be the worst thing ever!!! I suppose I would be a mermaid. I mean, yeah you wouldn’t be able to walk again, but at least you wouldn’t have to carry a tank on your head for your entire life…

Describe to me your favorite color, without using the color’s name… (this is not a question, but I CARE NOT!)

Easy peasy. Got one word – Blood!

You’re given the option of becoming famous overnight, or being a small town-celebrity. Which do you pick, and why? (#deep)

He, neither!?! Honestly being famous is like a terrifying idea. Funny since I want to be a bestselling author one day. I guess that I would want to be a small-town celebrity, because, then, I could run away from the town until all the hype died down and I wouldn’t have to deal with all that terrifying attention.

Would you rather have the Beast or the library?

So hard!!! I love the Beast to be honest. He is adorable!! But, I only like him as the Beast, and he doesn’t stay the Beast forever. So, I guess that I would go with the library, because it is the most glorious thing ever!!!!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Or stay locked up in your room all day reading books and writing stories?

Oh, I would definitely stay in my room all day reading and writing!! So, long as I could see people on occasion, that is, because I may not be a very social person, but I actually do need some human interaction to survive.

Which falls faster–the chicken or the egg?

The egg obviously, because the egg would just fall straight down. The chicken, on the other hand, would flap and pretend to fly, which would slow it down. #logic (I actually have absolutely no idea, but I’m going to act like I know what I am talking about)

Middle Earth is at war with Narnia. Which side wins?

Middle Earth obviously!! I mean there are super epic elves, awesome humans, tough dwarves, ruthless orcs, sneaky hobbits, amazing ents, giant tree armies, and wizards!!! If you had all those fighting together (which would be extremely odd), Middle Earth would definitely win!!!

So, those are the answers to Miss Kenzie’s extremely unique and ridiculously fun questions for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! I loved these questions so much!!

Since, I already nominated some friends for this and posted questions, I decided not to do it again. So, if you weren’t nominated in my last post or would like to participate, feel free to go back and take a look at the award from Hope.

The Evil Writer’s Award

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.00.47 PM
My wonderful friend from Witty Writes.

Now, onto Kate’s award! Since I got nominated for this award, you would be right to assume that that means that I am a very evil and cruel writer. Bet you guys had no idea that me, the nice, cute little cinnamon roll that I am, was a secret assassin the whole time. *pulls black hood of cloak over my eyes as I pull out bloodstained quill*

So, are you guys prepared to see how truly evil I am? Too bad, because I am cruel and don’t care if you are ready or not.

The Rules:

• Give all credit to the Evil Overlord and genius, Kate, for creating this award.

• Give a smaller amount of credit to the Evil Writer who tagged you (which means fall on your hands and knees and thank me for nominating you).

• Tag at least two people.

The Questions:

How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.

Very few actually. I mean I will kill random people that for the purpose of my plot, but, as for those characters that I actually love or that are very important to one my characters, I have the hardest time ever killing them. I absolutely hate killing any of my sub or main characters…

As for real life, well… I am an assassin disguised as a cinnamon roll, as I said before.

Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal torture like killing family and friends and pets?

Personal torture actually. Which is a little shocking. But, seriously, as long as it isn’t one of my favorite characters, I will kill them to torture my main characters. Normally, I don’t kill friends and family though.

Are you more like Loki, who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or… give me a minute… Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his… fake head, whilst destroying the world?

Death Vader. Though I suppose that I am even more like his grandson, Kylo Ren. I am not just weeping in the inside as I kill my favaorites, but I am also weeping on the outside. (Makes me slightly annoyed though to compare myself to him, because I fervently hate Kylo Ren!)

What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?

I don’t really know. I mean I’ve had people’s throats slit, heads chopped off, stabbed through the heart, poisoned. I suppose, though, that my my worst crime was forcing one of my most dear characters (Kadar Blaine, an assasin) to have to torture the other main, who was the only person besides his brother that he had ever cared about. It basically ripped his heart out…

What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semisweet, or dark? Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!

White all the way!! As I said before, I am disgusted as a sweet little cinnamon roll, so white is perfect for my cover. And, also, White is the only chocolate that I can stand eating more than a couple bites of. ‘Tis delicious, especially when you are trying to crush hearts and worlds!

What is your villainous title? You may not have “Evil Overlord” because that one’s mine.

Well, fine, then Kate. How about the Assassin of the Night? *All the people in NaNo cabin scowl at me* alright fine. How about the Blade of the Shadowed Hour? Yeah? No? Too Evil? Fine. I’ll just be the Cloaked Cookie. Happy? Too bad.

Which of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?

Kadar Blaine. He is my assassin, people. He’s been doing his job since he was eleven years old, and he is a general for the king. He has never failed a single mission, ever. But, you know, I would of course be able to beat him, because I am the most elite assassin to ever breathe.

(Joking. If you ever see Kadar, you just run and hide and pray that he doesn’t slit your throats because nobody stands a chance against him.)

Which character, in all the many books you have undoubtedly written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?

Yeah, so many books…… *averts gaze*

I don’t really know. I mean, I don’t hate any of my characters, like at all. I love my antagonists just as much as my protagonists. All of the characters that I have are very dear to me. I suppose that I would be enemies with the king of my current WIP, Unfound Strength, but even he has a reason for his actions that prevents me from hating him… What did I tell you people? I am a cinnamon roll. I don’t hate any of my characters.

No, no, wait, I just thought of one. Thamas Silvian, a fellow assassin trainer with Kadar Blaine’s younger brother. Thamas is just not a good guy at all. He is a traitor and liar and a killer and a cheater… But then, again he has a very painful past, so I kind of still can’t hate him…

I am terrible at being evil, aren’t I??? *pulls dark cloak over eyes and cries*

Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight… like Moriarty? Give me details!

Well, I obviously wear a deathly black cloak with a large, shadowing hood when I am alone and being evil. Most of the time, though, I just blend in and hide in plain sight as a wonderful, sweet little cinnamon roll!

How do you react when you have to kill off a character that is dear to you? Do you laugh evilly out loud? Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? Do you go and weep in a corner for a month because you just lost a best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?

This question and the next are actually not Kate’s questions, but she said, and I quote, – “please do invent some more questions if you can think of any.” Therefore, I have done so.

Well, as I’ve already said, I normally don’t kill off any character that is dear to me. However, on occasion when I do, I usually end up getting mildly depressed for a day or two and feeling an empty sense of loss because I will never be able to write about that character again, except when my other character are remembering them. *wipes silent tear from cheek*

If you had to choose a fictional villain (from book, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?

Probably Professor Severus Snape, from Harry Potter. Because although I look like I am evil and heartless while I am writing and torturing my characters, I actually have a good heart deep down and have pure, right motives behind all my seemingly cruel actions. (Also, I just love Snape, so #slightlybiased)




Belle Anne

Allie Taylor

• Anyone else who feels like they are an evil writer.


  • How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.
  • Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal torture like killing family and friends and pets?
  • Are you more like Loki, who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or… give me a minute… Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his… fake head, whilst destroying the world?
  • What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?
  • What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semisweet, or dark? Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!
  • What is your villainous title? You may not have “Evil Overlord” because that one’s mine.
  • Which of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?
  • Which character, in all the many books you have undoubtedly written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?
  • Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight… like Moriarty? Give me details!
  • How do you react when you have to kill off a character that is dear to you? Do you laugh evilly out loud? Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? Do you go and weep in a corner for a month because you just lost a best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?
  • If you had to choose a fictional villain (from book, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?


So, there you have it my friends! Two more absolutely wonderful and fun tags awards! What did you think? Which do you think falls faster- the chicken or the egg? What was your reaction when I reviewed myself to you as an assassin? Am I a pathetic at being evil? (I feel like I am just not evil enough…) I want to hear all the thoughts.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey Friends,

I done got tagged!! Yay!! Tags are my favorite!!! I think that I have done this tag before like twice or something, but this is one of those tags that is constantly changing with each person who is tagged. It never gets old! Thank you so much, Hope, for tagging me!!




• Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog

• Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you

• Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer

• List the rules and display the award

The Questions

What is the craziest dessert you have ever had or wanted? I mean craziest! The whole works!

Friends, I don’t eat crazy stuff… I prefer the classics – carrot cake, strawberry ice-cream, apple pie, etc. Boring, I know. But that’s just how it be, people, so get over it!

Who is your idol (or who do you admire) and why?

Umm… Just one??? That is impossible!! I guess that one of the people that I really admire is C. S. Lewis. I admire his writing so much! Narnia will always be one of my favorite things to read!! I, also, admire his great faith. His strong beliefs and conviction are truly inspiring to my in my own walk of faith!

What toppings do you take on your pizza?

Pineapple, ham, and olives. Yeah, nobody makes Hawaiian pizza with olives, but it’s delicious!!

What is your least favorite movie/book/TV show?

Ha, not a question, people!!! There are waaaayyyy too many! Unfortunately, there are actually a lot of least favorite books… One of the most recent movies that I saw and despised, though, was Divergent. I had just finished the book for the first time and really liked it. So, I thought that, since I liked the book, I would like the movie too. I couldn’t have been more wrong, people! The movie was so shallow and disappointing… Urg, drove me nuts!!

If you could change into any kind of animal, which one would it be and why?

A dragon!!!! Wait, does that count? *shrugs* Of course, it does. I don’t really have a real reason as to why I would want to be a dragon. I guess just because they are so majestic and mysterious and misunderstood and intelligent and respected and absolutely beautiful creatures. I think that I would make lovely dragon!

What is one thing you can’t live without that is not a piece of technology?

Books!!! People, I thrive on a strict diet of bookishness. Yeah, yeah, that’s not “one thing”, but, be realistic, I ain’t going to try and pick just one of my precious books. Seriously.

Which famous person or celebrity would you never want to meet?

Never want to meet?? Most of them… Hehe, sorry that was mean. Yeah, no, I’m really not sorry. I was being serious. There are far too many that I would NEVER want to meet.

You get to spend the afternoon with your favorite human being from history. Who is this person and what do you guys/gals do for the afternoon?

Well, the obvious choice would be Jesus, of course. I suppose that I would spend the afternoon somewhere private and peaceful like an open meadow or a gorgeous forest and just ask questions. I have so many questions that I would love to ask Him about the world, my personal life, and everything in between.

What were your top three favorite childhood shows to watch?

Easy! (even though I had many more than three)

  • Cinderella (I personally like Beauty and the Beast better now, but that’s probably mostly because I just saw the new movie and I share an MTBI personality type with Belle…)
  • Winnie the Pooh (I adore the old version of this still that I used to watch. Winnie the Pooh is the best!!!)
  • Scooby-Doo (Scooby-snack anyone??)
Narnia or Middle Earth?

No, way!! I refuse to choose between my darlings!!! *crosses arms obstinately* *disappointed murmurs arise from the crowd* Alright fine! I will choose for you guys, but only because I love you all so much!

Middle Earth!! I absolutely adore Narnia, but I had a serious obsession with Middle Earth for at least a couple years while the Hobbit movies were coming out. I can quote most of every single Hobbit movie and most of the Two Towers. Like seriously, my friend and I used to hangout and literally spend the entire time – 1) Watching one of the movies; 2) taking all the LOTR quizzes on the face of the internet; Or 3) sit down and tell each other all about our latest fan fiction that we had created in our minds. Our fan fiction that we created in our heads was ridiculously specific! We knew exactly where we would be at each part in the story, what race we were, we even came up with elven names for ourselves (because she was the daughter of Lady Galadriel and I was Dúnedian like Aragorn). Hehe, yeah… (Please tell me that I am not the only one who gets that obsessed with certain fandoms!?!?!)

How do you take your coffee or tea?

Umm… With my hands, duh??

Okay, my sarcasticness is annoying me right now, so I’ll stop. I don’t like coffee, so I don’t take that at all. I do like a small variety of teas though. My favorite is chai tea, but the kind that I get, there is only one way to take it because you have to follow the instructions on the back. With normal teas, my favorite being raspberry peach, I normally just pour in enough milk to make it a nice creamy color and add a spoonful of sugar or honey. Nothing fancy. I am a fairly simple person.


Kate Marie




Allie Taylor

• Anybody else who wishes to answer my completely random questions.

My Questions:

• What is your favorite pastime besides writing and reading?

• In the Lord of the Rings, Aragorn or Legolas?

• What is your MTBI personality type?

• Who would say is the worst villain of all time? Why

• If you could go into one book and live the entire story for yourself (either as main character, sub character, or bystander), which would you choose?

• What is one of your favorite quotes?

• Would you rather have a griffon, a dragon, a wolf, or an owl for a pet? Why?

• What are your top 3 most favorite fandoms in the whole world?

• When you first get a story idea in your head, does it start with the characters, the plot, or the theme?

• What is your decorating style? (floral, antique, modern, beachy, rustic, etc.)

• If you were one of the four elements, which would you be? And why?

So, there you have it, friends. Now you know me a little better, and you can now boast to the world that you know a ton of useless facts about me. Yay for you! Now, you have to tell me! What kind of animal would you be? What is a book or movie that you despise?And, most importantly, Narnia or Middle Earth???

Full Blog Makeover! (+Survey)

Hey, Friends!

It’s me Anna! As you can see, I switched my blog name! I don’t know why, but I just wasn’t feeling the whole Swords and Quills thing anymore. So, therefore, I switched it to:

Writerly Wonderings

This new title just makes me so happy. I am in love with it right now!

But, that isn’t all that I changed! I did a complete and total makeover for my dear little blog. With all the gorgeous spring vibes going on, I had to brighten it up and do something floral (plus I am slightly obsessed with floral right now). I think that it is gorgeous, don’t you?!?!

(Don’t you dare disagree, because I have writing abilities and I will write you in as a villain if I have to)

I also updated my Writing Projects Page to add in Unfound Strength and to introduce you to my muse. I deleted my Bookshelf page. Sometime soon, I hope to put up a new link-up that I having been scheming for a while now, but I still have to work out a few kinks.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, so that you all didn’t completely freak out and die when you saw that Swords and Quills was no longer existant. Because, I am sure that you wouldn’t be able to survive without my random little posts. Right?

Also, I have a surprise for you! I made a survey!! So, lately, I have honestly had no idea what to post, and I would love to know what you guys would like me to post more of. Below is just a link to a quick little survey that I created. It only has one question, so it will only take a minute and it would be greatly appreciated.


So, thoughts? Isn’t my sight gorgeous? Do you like it better than my old one? I want to hear all the thoughts (even if you think that my sight is the most grotesque thing that you’ve ever seen in your life). Also, to all those doing Camp Nano, how is your writing going??

Camp NaNo

Hello, friend!

Beautiful Spring is here!!

Before we get started, I beg you to permit me taking a brief moment to freak out.


Some of you know that I am doing Camp Nano this April, but for those of you who didn’t know that, well… I am doing Camp NaNo this month. So, there you go. Anyway, I am actually super nervous out of my mind excited for this, and naturally decided to write one of my, as of late, rare posts on the subject.

For those of you who don’t know about Camp Nano, let me briefly explain what it is. Camp NaNo is like a more flexible, free version of NaNoWriMo in November. It is basically the same concept of trying to reach a writerly goal in just one month. Except, in Camp NaNo, you get to choose your goal. It can be a goal of words, hours, pages, etc. and you can write, edit, or do whatever you want. So basically it’s NaNo that you get to choose everything for. Plus, there is Cabins! I am part of a fabulous cabin this year made up of a few of my blogger, writerly friends, and so far, it has been so much fun!! As a whole, I am of the opinion that Camp NaNo is the best as far as NaNo goes. 

With that being said, for April’s Camp NaNo, I am continuing to write Unfound Strength, my current WIP. It is currently around 10,000 words right now. I decided that, since I came out with about 27,000 words in November, I should go for 30,000 this month. That means only 1,000 words a day which isn’t too bad, but it is still challenging enough for my little writerly self. 

When I do complete my goal at the end of he month, I plan to reward myself somehow. I got the idea from my friend, Kenzie, and I thought it would be great for motivation. Probably end up buying myself a book or something of that wonderful nature! I am open to any suggestions?

I am not very ready for this though. I had honestly meant to spend yesterday practicing and prepping for Camp Nano, but, well…. It never happened… Like at all. Instead, I ended up reading a new book that I just checked out from the library, wondering over all the beautiful DIY on Pinterest that I’ll never make, watching Catching Fire to pick out all the ways it was different that the book, and drawing this sad picture. 

Supposably it is Auden’s eye…
Pretty pathetic really. Very nonproductive….

Anyhow, that’s all that I really have to say… Are any of you doing Camp NaNo? What are you doing for it? What is your username on the site so that I can see what you’re writing? Did you do any prep or you just going with it? For all those of you doing Camp NaNo, I wish you the best!!